3 reasons we should not be hanging on with the live support staff

Sometimes people take everything wrong about any service that is available to them. If we consider the example of having a Live Chat or a Virtual Chat Agent, we can see that people are somewhat overly expressive in contacting and discussing each and every aspect of any product, service or item they have got from a particular company.

In Australia, most of the sites that are using Live Chat for Website and provide Live Help for their customers, they either use a Live Chat Software to provide a quick response through Live Chat Online or they are using a Live Chat Support system from a third party. So, when you try to ask each and every question, though it is not prohibited and people are encouraged to do so, you may not get satisfactory answers in many cases. In that way the customers often get annoyed and they tend to be a little aggressive and keep trying to ask the right information.

But in case, if you see that you are not getting a sufficient reply from the other side, then you must not emphasis on what you are asking as the agent may not be able to connect to the company member or he or she is not obliged to provide any other information you are asking.

Just remember, if you are dealing with a Live Chat Monitoring system like that of Zopim and Olark you may get sufficient help from the agent regarding a wide range of aspects, but if they don’t have an answer, they often forward your queries to the concerning department of the particular site.

So you must not hang on and keep asking the same question as the agent may not be able to reply you for many reasons, if the query is crucial, you can send an email directly to the owner of the site and you will get a better chance to get a reply.

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